This post is not titled as I have no idea at all of  what am i going to write exactly. it has been three years since the last post. even though this blog did not see a new post for the last 3 years, i always came back to read the old posts. Sometimes, i cannot believe that I am the one who wrote that posts. I feel as if a different person wrote them and not me. in this three years so many things have happened.

The most recent event is the passing of Mr LKY. I am quite surprised at how affected I was by his passing. Despite what people would have to say about him, I still admire him and respect him a great deal. He is one of a leader.



His death not only brought out a country wide sadness, but also the peoples’ values and character. The way people came together to offer support to each other. The way thousands and thousands of people including myself waited hours and hours to pay respect for a few minutes or even few seconds. That few seconds brought the whole reality crushing down. This is the end of an era for Singapore. This is like the time when Singapore got it’s independence and everybody was doubtful of its survival. Now everyone is watching how Singapore is going to survive without the guidance Mr LKY.

He was a man with strong values and steel in his voice. And I hope Singaporeans can stand together for their country strongly and with conviction.

You will be greatly missed in this year’s SG50 celebrations, Mr LKY.


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