Boss Engira Baskaran


I wanted to watch this movie in theater but due to some reason or other, I did not get to watch it in theater. Instead I got the DVD to watch it at home.

For start I have to say, Arya is not cut out for a comedy actor. He is too tall and too ‘gym body’ to fit a comedian role. In short he has the action hero body and attitude.


still the movie managed to make me laugh. I would not say it made me laugh till I had tears in eyes or had to hold onto my sides cause I was laughing too much. It is a movie which would make you smile and giggle at some scenes. It is a light hearted movie which can be watched with your family.

For once I liked Nayanthara in the movie. She was simple and superb. 🙂

The story was simple and common. I thought that the script writer could have expanded on the blind girl scene. He could have made it more inspirational. I loved the ending. How the writer and director added the blooper into the movie very naturally or made the ending into blooper.

And I have to say, Jeeva looks good. He is a good actor. Naturally he pulled of his character well.

Lastly I have to say I liked Santhanam in this movie. He was not very funny compared to many other movies of his. But he was a good friend :).(in the movie, of course).

A good movie to be watched. A good entertainer. Family entertainer.


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