Up, the movie


(Source: http://thestorydepartment.com/up-the-moments-that-never-come/)

I was seeing this movie, UP. Its a cartoon. If I am not wrong, I would have posted about the movie previously. But I have to say this, every time I see the movie, I get a very warm feeling in my heart. Esp the part where he would flip through his wife’s adventure book after she passes on. He would see her desire to go to paradise on the first page. He expect the other pages to be blank because they never made it to paradise due to one reason or another. But what completes the adventure book would be the photographs of all their happy times. They became her adventure. All the happy times with him. What best way can anyone possibly think of, to show how a marriage should be after this scene?

I have heard complains about spouses. I have heard that the love have faded. I have heard that the excitement that was present at the start of the marriage is no longer there. I have heard the life together has become a routine instead of an adventure. And I know many would be thinking in their mind and heart that ‘ Hey, this is a cartoon not real life.’ If anyone stop to think a moment, you would realize that every thing have a bit of truth in it. Be it a movie, advertisement or anything to do with media. The couple in Up did not do adventurous things together. But they did simple things with love. They gave in without the other asking. They thought of each other before thinking of themselves. Simple things done with love are perfect and adventurous. 😀


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