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I have been having random thoughts the whole day..but I dont know whether I remember them all to type.

Enthiran, Rajinikanth’s latest movie is out. The hype is like so much that I do wonder whether the movie has enough substance to satisfy the expectation. All the Rajini fans and some not Rajini fans have said that movie is good. But I have yet to watch it so I shall reserve my comments till after watching the movie.

I saw the huge advertisments in the newspaper for the movie. We can see that Aish has aged. Can see it esp on her face. I dont know why such a diff from Ravana which was realised recently. And from the advertisment I wont say Rajini looks great too. But I have to see the whole movie before first.

I was seeing a hindi movie yesterday. Ranbir Kapoor acted in it. bipasha basu was also in the cast. I realised that bipasha basu is much more sexier and beautiful then mallika sherawat. A really random thought.:P

I realised that it has been weeks since I last read a book. I desperately wanted to read a book today. But did not get to. I am losing touch with my reading skills. I am very sad about it.:(

Now I have run out of random thoughts because Jodi the movie has started..:P will be back with more randomness soon…



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