After a long time, a post of randomness…


Firstly I have to say I am very touched. I just received my first teachers’ day gift from a flower shop aunty. She gave me a red rose. It may not be expensive but it is most sincere gift..:-).

I realized that I cant start on any work if I have a pile of clothes anywhere in the house that haven’t been ironed. But the only problem is that, I hate ironing. So you see where the problem is..If I don’t iron, I cant start on any work..If I don’t start on any work…ya you get it right..:P

My creative juices have been overflowing for the last few weeks…but my free time has been shrinking and shrinking. Now I have a conflict of interest..:P I want to do crafts but I don’t have the time.

And lastly to end the post in the most positive manner I could,

I have decided to talk about my inspiration collection.

Most of us need inspiration and motivation when we are down. It could be the result of sadness or failure. But whatever, it is you need inspiration. I know many read inspirational stories but for me, I see inspirational movies. Some may not see some movies in my collection as inspiration…but..hey.. remember laughter is the best medicine.:P

The first in my collection is Kamalhassan movies. I am talking about his comedy movies. When you laugh your heart out, you would realise life isnt that bad after all. We may find the strenghth in that laughter to carry on..To provide the best medicine, that is laughter by the way I have thenali, pammal k sambadam, Panchethanthiram and Kathala Kathala.

Now moving to the trully inspirational movies, I always feel that life is something worthwhile living after watching freedom fighters, shawshank redemption, nammavar and 3 idiots..These movies just bring something positive out in you. Do try watching some or all of these movies.. Worth your time…:)


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