Vinnaithandi varuvaya



If  you are planning on seeing the movie, pls do not read this post.

I will reveal the ending of the story.

Now to the movie.

This movie is for the romantics. If you have no sense of romance, dont bother wasting your time.

Only romantics like myself can feel the essence of the movie.

The cast were few.

The hero Silambarasan.

Well, let me tell you. You see Silambarasan in the movie yet you wont see him.

This Simbu is one whom you havent seen till today. And I like this Simbu the best.

The youth that he is with so much love for a girl. The pain and confusion he goes through for her. It was superb.

Even his dancing was not like his. It was totally different but very nice.

After this movie and only this movie made me a die-hard fan of Simbu.

Now the heroine, Trisha.

Actually I always thought Trisha cannot act. And in my opinion, she did not prove my theory otherwise.

BUT she tried and the effort can be seen very vividly. We can see alot of resembalance of the Jothika in Kakka kakka in Trisha. It is just that Jothika pulled of her character to the dot while Trisha did flatter in her efforts here and there.

But we gotta applause her effort. And I am will say this only once and only once. TRISHA WAS GORGEOUS IN THIS MOVIE.

She looks so much prettier in saris then in modern clothes.

The other character that I found amusing was Ganesh, the cameraman.

He provided the comedy relief in this movie. I was very fascinated with the way he talked. His tone and use of words. Even though he stood out from the rest of the cast like a sore thumb, he also fit in the movie very well.

The songs were very nice. I liked them alot. The dancing and scenes were very nice for the songs. What I did not like was the BGMs that came in some scenes. I just felt they were out of place.

And the one major thing that i was very irritated with in this movie was the ending.

This is one movie, where i cried when Simbu was confused and upset with his love. I laughed and clapped when I thought they actually got married. And finally feel like getting hold of Gautham Menon and shaking him hard when I realised that the marriage was not true. I was very upset. very upset. I literally felt the pain. The pain of a broken heart.

The one way to heart break city.

When there are so many girls in the world, why did I fell in love with Jesse?

These two lines attracted me alot. One for the pain. One for the love.

Its a movie for the heart.


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  1. After a long time I have visit ur blog. When I was seen this word “If you are planning on seeing the movie, pls do not read this post”. After watch the movie. I will make comment.

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