Aayirathil Oruvan and Tamil language


I have to say this before i burst with too many views regarding this movie.

Since the release of this movie, I have two extreme views. Some just trash this movie to hell and back while others are praising the movie to heaven and back.And I am one of those belonging to the 2nd category.

We like a movie based on many things and they differ for all. So I would not say its wrong if you dont like this movie.But I cant accept the fact that this is total trash even if you dislike the movie.

Firstly I hear many compare this movie to english movies. I havent seen many english movies. And for all you know, the director of Aayirathil Oruvan may have become inspired by some of the movies to script his scenes. And even if he did do exactly that, I do not see what is the big mistake in it. For goodness sake, you would have seen movies that have been copied fully from other language movies. Does it really matter where he took the ideas from? And if so, what is the big deal about it. Ideas are always being copied. What I dont see is why its such a big thing when Selvaragavn do it?

Secondly, why do everyone want to compare Tamil movies with Hollywood movies ? Who said that the benchmark for a good movie is a hollywood movie? Why do Tamilians see everywhere for standard except in TamilNadu or among Tamil movies? Why dont they for once compliment a effort taken to set a standard among Tamil movies? For all the words that are spoken, I am sure if a 100 percent Hollywood type film is to be taken in TamilNadu it would be a flop. For once, open the eyes and watch the movie for what it is. And not for what it could have been comparatively to Hollywood films. They are different. We are different. Dont Compare.

Thirdly, I see quite a number of people getting angry for portraying the Cholas(the Tamilians) as barbarians. If you look close enough, you would realise its not about the Cholas in the end. Its about human. The impact of ignorance. The lack humanity. The fact that no human can be 100 percent saint. Even a saint cannot be a 100percent saint. All man has good and bad in him. Different actions bring out the bad in him while other actions bring out the good in him. Its just a matter of which is more in him for him to be an animal or a human. Dont look at it from the historical point of view and feel insulted. Why are you insisting it is something that it is not? And if you feel insulted coz Cholas are potrayed as barbarians, I think deep down in your heart you have to ask yourself, whether we Tamilians are really that humane and civilised as we think ourselves to be now in this 21st century. What is the real use of holding onto the pass and keep sayin we Tamils are this and that? The history adds pride to our identity but it wasnt achieved by us. This history would not hold our language,culture and pride for very long seeing the speed we are going in destroying our language and culture. The anguish that you feel for the portrayal of the cholas would be insignificant to the stupidity that we would feel wen we have no identity.

Fourthly, I was very surprised to see that some were not impressed with the songs of Aayirathil Oruvan. When I saw such comments, I do wonder whether you know how to read Tamil firstly. And secondly, you just showed that you did not appreciate the beauty of the most beautiful lyrics that you would get to see for a long time to come. Truthfully, I doubt whether I would get to see any lyrics that would move me like these. The beauty of Tamil language just shines in these words. The music is so solemn still strong. It is truly one of a kind. I am quite disappointed with the fact that many did not see the beauty in these words and music.

Fifthly, this attempt of Aayirathil Oruvan should not be laughed at. It is a standard set by this director for others to reach. Regardless of whether you understand the movie, the grandness of the movie would stump you. No story is fool proof. In the history of cinema, you would not find a single movie that was perfect. And this movie isnt too. But these mistakes should not reflect the movie.

Sixthly, I guess its human nature to say that its bullshit when they dont understand what is going on. If you do not understand, you can just say so instead of going on to criticize a movie which you did not understand. And its more disheartening to hear people call the movie stupid because they did not understand the Tamil spoken in the second half of the movie. When they criticize the usage of ineligible Tamil, do they realize that they are portraying Tamils as Tamils who do not understand their own mother tongue. Do you realize that you are criticizing your own mother tongue when you criticize the usage of ancient Tamil in the movie? Truthfully I do not know the extend of accuracy in the ancient Tamil used. But I wont say its not understandable at all. Please think how others would see you when you stand there and announce that the Tamil used in the 2nd half is bullshit and cant understand anything. Just because you dont understand, doesnt give you the rights to discard the language as Tamil language.

Following the views I have about the movie I would like to divert abit from the view and move into Tamil language. I was very disturbed with the realization that Tamils discard Tamil language when they do not understand it. Tamil is a language that has lived for centuries. It is the identity of us, the Tamils. With the way, the language is going I am wondering whether we Tamils are happily erasing our identity slowly day by day. It looks like that a day may come, when all would have a mother tongue that they would identify with but for us. If we give up Tamil language so easily for any reason, what would you say if anyone asks you who are you? Would you say I am English, coz you are not? Would you say I am Chinese, coz that would be outright nonsense? I think we may end up saying, sorry I do not have a mother tongue. Where does that place us exactly? I know many think that Tamil is not helping us economically. But I pray that human brain is intellectual enough to realise that there are things that are far more important then money. Things we cannot and should not give up for anything. and our mother tongue is one of it. When anyone asks what good is Tamil language to me, its like asking what good is my mother to me? Please do not let our mother die. Our mother country can change. But our mother tongue never ever changes. When you give it up, you lose your self respect and value. If we cant save our mother tongue, we have no right to feel pride for the things that our ancestors achieved.


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