Aayirathil Oruvan-Review of my review


Let me say this LOUD and CLEAR.

I was wrong about the movie.

I cannot belief that I said the movie was not up to the standard.

Other then my belief that Karthi and Andrea did not do a good job, I take back my word about the movie.

It is one of a kind and will be the only one kind.

It shakes you to the core.

The minute details in each and every scene.

The extend, his(Director Slevaraghavan) imagination went.

I am awed with just the fact that how in the world he came up with this story.

Where did he get the details? How did he know how to carry the whole movie with such details?

I said this movie was a fusion of eras. Then I heard a different view.

And I realised that too makes sense.

This movie offers too many views and opinions.

We have to think hard to reach a conclusion or a opinion.

In that process of thought, you would even have a lesson in world history.

The extend of work done for each and every scene…There are some scenes which just steals your breathe away. You can just feels its magnificence. There are some scenes which just make you cringe in distaste and fear even. And lastly, the best. The scenes which made my heart break. I left the movie with tears.That scenes brought out the tears from the core of my being. I felt the grief like it was my own. I felt the pain as though I was the one who would not seeing his homeland before he dies. I felt the betrayal to the heart when I saw Reema walk away to the enemies. I felt anguish of the king when he realized that they have been duped and would not see their homeland. The pain of seeing your dream dieing with you…These are something which you would not find in ANY movie. any movie.

Karthi and Andrea may not have stood out because their characters were such.

The 3rd in that group, Reema did a good job with her character. Though I still dont like her in this movie, I have realised that she have done that character that well that my dislike for the character has created this negative impression. So I have to give credit for that.

But do you know who rocks the whole movie. The name that never came out till a few days before the release of the movie.

PARTHIBAN as the Chola King. He rocked the stage. Even though he enters the movie from half way only, he captures my attention and my admiration like anything. I know he does not look appealing not does his actions seem decent. There are a lot of violence, sexuality and crude remarks. Though they may put off many of us, they make the movie whole. Without them, this movie would have lacked something essential. I wont lie that I wasn’t offended by the crudeness of some scenes in the movie but they also make the impact.

And I have to say, you have to and you need to listen to the songs in Aayirathil Oruvan. All songs are great but these two exceed any kind of expectations.

If you want to say the perfect song, that would be the above two. The singers’ voices, the music and the lyrics. All just shake the core of your heart. The pain in that voice, the sadness in the music, the grief that they would not see their homeland…everything..it is just…just…I have no words.

I have read many poems of Vairamuthu. I have listened to many songs written by him. But none left me with such emotions every single time I listen to them. The lyrics just make feel so awed with his talent. And with Tamil language.

ஒருவரின் முகத்தில் பிரகாசம் தெரிகிறது என்று கூறுவது போல,

தமிழ் மொழியின் பிரகாசத்தைக் காண இந்த வரிகள் இவ்வளவு நாட்களாக கிடைக்கவில்லையே.

When I read the lyrics, I just feel the pride of being a Tamil.

*Sighz* This is a movie which you would not understand in the first attempt. This is a movie which grows on you. You would need a couple of attempts before you understand what the movie is showing. But whether we understand what is the real message behind that movie is up to our imagination. Don’t waste your time with other movies and catch it before it leaves your theaters. Its a movie, you have to watch in big screen. The small screen of your television may not show the magnificence of this movie.


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  1. >> I have read many poems of Vairamuthu. I have listened to many songs written by him. But none left me with such emotions every single time I listen to them. <<

    so true..very powerful words

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