Aayirathil Oruvan


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Finally!!!The much waited movie is here. Aayirathil Oruvan. Directed by Selvaraghavan. Produced by R. Ravindran. The main actors would be Reema Sen, Karthi Sivakumar and Andrea Jeremiah. Music is by G.V.Prakash.

The movie which was expected to blow all the other movies made in Tamil Cine Field to bits and pieces, has left me confused. I dont really know whether to praise the movie or criticize the movie.

Definitely this movie is something that is very very very different from all the other Tamil movies. Be it the story line or the technology used or the camera work or the music.

Let me start with the story line. It is a story with two eras infused with each other. What will it be like if  Cholas who are believed to be dead a long long time are actually alive? The whole story is brought about based on this question.

I have to say that even though the story line is something very different, I feel that something lacks in it.

The cast wise, I was not very amazed by their acting. None of the three actually excelled in their characters. And Andrea cant dance for nuts.

I am not saying the whole movie cannot make it. There were instances I was over whelmed. Actually there are many instances when I was over whelmed. I loved the technical part of the movie. The scenes where the troupe have to pass through many obstacles to reach their destination have been taken well. I esp loved the Nataraja shadow part. Other then that, I liked the mini chola kingdom which they will find in the later part of the movie. It was gory but at the same time it made you go wow. In short what excelled in this movie was the technical part.

Despite the weak story, I am happy and would praise the director for using the ancient  tamil of the Cholas. For myself, its the first time I have heard the ancient Tamil. I would say its an eye opener. I know that many of us, including myself do not understand the second part of the movie very well due to the usage of such Tamil language. But It does make the situation realistic. And also becomes a history lesson for the movie viewers.:)

You may feel like leaving half way through the movie but if you manage to sit through the whole movie, you would realize something. The movie did bring some realities of human nature to light. Darwin’s survival of the fittest is something you may see in some scenes. There are many instances when man who is the intellectual being on this earth turns to be a animal due poverty and hunger. And its the truth. For many, some scenes in this movie may remind you of a country that has been in a upheaval.

I may not have loved the story or the actors. But I left the movie with a heavy heart. It could or would touch your heart in an unexpected way.

I would not want to see the efforts to make a film which moves away from typicality to be slammed down totally. Even though this movie did not measure up to the expectation, it is worth it for the effort. And Aayirathil oruvan would be the stepping stone to something different. It is the movie which creates a possibility that Hollywood and Bollywood would look for inspiration and stories in Kollywood some time in the future.

Do watch Aayirathil Oruvan. If not many times, just once will do. To know all the possibilities. 🙂 A pat on the back for selvaraghavan and the others who worked hard for this movie.


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