3 Idiots


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Before I start, If you are planning on catching this movie. Well,  do not read further.:)


I noe the above sentence isnt saying much about the movie.

I tell you, if you are a person who is currently not happy with yourself and your life..

Watch “3 idiots”. And of course, you can watch for pure entertainment too.

Let me start with the cast.

What can I say, other then they were superb.

Madhavan and Sharman Joshi were good. Very good. They potrayed their different characters very well.

Madhavan is a engineering student from a middle class family. This career path was chosen by the parents rather then Madhavan himself like in many families. He is a person who has to fulfill his parents wish. In trying to accomplish this, he had to give up his real passion, wildlife photography.

Sharman Joshi is also an engineering student but from a low income family. The whole family depends on him graduating and getting a job to take care of the family.

The third and the best of the three friends is Amir Khan who just loves studying. He is the one with passion and does what he likes.

Kareena is the love of Aamir Khan.

Boman Irani is the father of Kareena and the dean of the engineering college where the three are studying. He is the kind who believes in studying by the book.

And of course there are other minor characters like the boy who helps out the students with random things in the engineering college. Kareena’s elder sister who goes through a complicated pregnancy. And so on…

Let me tell you that none of the characters have done a bad job with their characters. All have given the best.

Obviously Aamir is the main character in this movie who brings life to this movie from the moment he steps in. Aamir who is actually above 40 manages to look the 20 something engineering student. He shows his passion for learning in his eyes and body language very well. And of course he gives all the ladies a chance to drool over him. *sighz*

Madhavan as a student who is caught between his passion and his parents wish is very realistic. You can just see yourself in him. I am sure all of us would have had a moment where we would need to decide for our wish or for our parents wish. The dilemma is very obvious in him.

Sharman Joshi as the son from a poor family and have the burden of helping the family, we can just feel his uncertainty and stress radiating from him. We can see that he struggles alot with his feeling and self-confidence. We can see that he feels that all the choices he make should be the correct ones, if not they would affect his family. I can see myself in him basically.

Kareena as the love of Aamir was very bubbly, sweet and just lovingly pretty. I do not really like Kareena but surprisingly i liked her in this movie. She actually created some colour for the movie.

Bomani Irani who is obsessed with date dues and examinations is up to the dot. His thinking reflects those of many parents and teachers now. He even forms his body to suit  the character.

This movie not only makes you laugh a lot, it brings you the definition of friendship and passion for life. It brings out the reality of students in the various homes. It shows that students despite their young age have to bear quite a bit of burden on their shoulders. These burdens affect the way they view life and what they actually want to do with their life. They get so stressed that they tend to flop in their studies. This movie also shows what most schools expect out of their students. Grades and grades only. And they should be obtained by memorizing a whole thick book in which you don’t really understand anything. The stereotyped thought that only a good grade can get you somewhere in life. A big house with a swimming pool, a beautiful spouse and an employment in American company are the ultimate goals of many typical students. Sadly, this ambitions are crafted by parents and teachers.

This is where Aamir Khan steps in. As a youth who loves life as it is. Who does what he loves. Who has not given in to the Great Temptation of many youths.  You can feel that positive energy from him sipping into your mind and soul.

And of course you have to know that practicality takes a backseat in life when you decide to do everything with love and passion that you feel. Such a passionate person lives life in simplicity and has no regard of what others would think of himself.

This message is brought out clearly in this movie. The one line that Aamir utters repeatedly when in trouble, “Aal izz well” does wonders for you too.

Other then the strong cast and the message in the movie, the way the movie has been moving throughout is smooth. I did not see any irrelevance or abruptness anywhere in the movie. It was full of light-hearted moments and full of colour. Laughter follows you throughout the movie. All the songs in the movie are great. Be it a love song or a song in the college among friends, it was taken very well. You would surely want to hear them repeatedly. 🙂

If you have been going about your life in the wrong way, maybe its time you take the time to reflect about yourself and your life. If you count more tears then laughters, maybe this is the time for a change. A change that would be good for your heart.

Whatever comes in the way, remember “Aal izz well”. 🙂


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