Aarumugam vs Annamalai


Before I start on the post, let me EMPHASIZE the fact that I REALLY HATE TO COMPARE THESE TWO MOVIES. But I have to do it to show how anyone sane person thought he can make it in life by producing such a movie like Arumugam.  I am a Kamal fan. But that doesnt mean I don watch Rajini films. I like his films too. And you wont know irritated I was after watching Arumugam. They practically copied the whole movie of Annamalai.

Coincidentally or something, both the names started with A and are the names of God Murugan.

In this movie Bharath was a having idli shop. More a like a push cart or something. He had a childhood friend. This childhood friend has a elder sister who din like the friendship between her brother and Bharath because of the difference in the status. She tries every way she could think of to break their friendship. This elder sister has a uncle who always tried to influence the sister on the issue of this friendship. Of course, this uncle was also not a nice fellow.

Bharath has a father. The mother passed away. He builds a tomb in a place which is actually not theirs but the believed till she passed away that the piece of land belonged to them. He loves his mother alot. Great! He has a younger sister who also loves Bharath’s friend like her own brother.

Bharath loves this girl who kissed him in a public area. Bharath’s friend likes a girl who was not suitable for his status, according to the elder sister. She tries to stop the marriage but Bharath sacrifices his own love to save his friend’s love.

When the elder sister couldnt stop the wedding, she carries out this whole drama where her brother sees Bharath slap/push her down. The friend slaps Bharath. In this bit, Karunas comes and says how can you slap Bharath. You know what he has done for you all..blah blah blah….

The friend under his sister’s influence tried to destroy Bharath’s mother’s tomb. At this instant, Bharath swears that he would become rich like them and make them come to the streets on his mother’s tombstone. And of course he achieves everything in a song. Then the friend and Bharath plays a cat and mouse game with a piece of land and a contract of mineral water. Finally the friend’s family comes to the street. And the in the end, everyone unites..

Now how much of a difference can anyone see between the story of Arumugam and Annamalai. Bharath had a idli shop while Rajini had a milk business. Bharath had a mother’s tombstone to swear on while Rajini sweared on the house that the father build in Annamalai. The villain of this movie was Ramya Krishnan as the sister while it was the father of the friend who was the villain in Annamalai. Both has sister. Both progress in one song. Both did not feel the satisfaction of bringing the enemy to the streets. Both friendships was broken over the insulting of a family member and both was carried out by the family member. Both the heros’ friends’ wifes are good. Both have a piece of land that they tried to cheat each other over. Both the heros got insulted of becoming stone hearted after becoming rich.  Both had a comedian who stood up for the hero in time of crisis.

Now there arent much difference in the story, is there?


the reason for this vast difference in quality are the actors.

Rajini as the hero rocks. Bharath as the hero lacks the emotions.

Kushbu as the heroine was pleasing to the eyes and heart. Priyamani as the heroine just irritated me.

Sarath Babu as the friend could show the struggle for a friend and for his own father.

Karunas as the friend was just comedy.

Radharavi as the villain, its slick with meance. Ramya as the villain, its a repeatation of neelambari.

So basically the movie Arumugam just cant make it.

I think Suresh Krishna, the director is running out of ideas. He even chose the same music director for Arumugam as Annamalai. Deva.

The production of Arumugam is an insult to Annamalai.


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