I can safely say that marriage consists of more than half of a person’s life time. One could even say that after marriage is the time where you do most of your living. How would you feel if that marriage(something that is going to make up practically your whole life) is build on a foundation of lies. From the top to the bottom, lies lies and lies only.

Lives are lost everyday. And there many reasons for these lost. One of the reason that costs many lives is terrorism. This movie touched on terrorism. It did not solely touch on terrorism. In this sensitive topic lies love, hatred, ideologies, religion and reasons. This is one movie in which you would see open views on politics. This movie would discuss terrorism. This movie talks against stereotyping terrorists. Emphasizing the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists. All religions preach peace, including Islam.

The movie ends with the message that love conquers all. Even if it is the feeling of revenge. And most importantly, the movie leaves us with the message that it is unfair to take any life. We or anyone has no right to take the life of another person. It is after all, God-given.

Go and see the movie. You will leave the theater with a clear mind on world affairs.


About Illakiyaa

அவ்வப்போது ஏற்படும் எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்கல்களாக தோன்றும் இடம் இது.

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