This post is due way back..

By the way, if you havent watched the movie 2012, pls dont read on.


This movie made me think. Really think about all the things that we belief in and most importantly it challenges our belief in a higher being and the belief in the kindness of mankind. When you are through with this movie, you would realise that the belief that we put in humanity is a risk we are taking. This is esp true for the poor.

When you see it just as a movie from its quality in script and technology, it is over exaggerating . But when you see the movie from a human’s point of view, it makes you think over about many issues. The first and foremost issue is humanity. It shows clearly that humanity towards the poor isnt something that you should expect esp during an extremely tense situation like the end of the world. The world wants the brain and rich not the poor. Then there is the other side where the hope in humanity prevails. In the end, you are left in a confused state of whether you should still hold the belief in the goodness of humanity. Finally its left to you. As a person you can make the choice to believe or not in the goodness of humanity. It reflects your inner self to the world.

Two days have passed since I have watched the movie, but this feeling of doubt has been bugging me. The belief in a higher power. Most of us believe that someone with higher power exist. Some religion give it a shape while the others don’t. Regardless of these differences, the belief is common and strong. The question is where is this higher power when you need it? I know many would say, how can you expect God to help you when you are not faithful to him through out your whole life. Its unfair to expect the presence of the higher power when you need help only. Well, I agree. Then how about the GOOD people.I am sure if a catastrophe strikes us, I am very sure there are many many good-willed people who get caught in it and die. When they call out to God, where is he? When incidents like this happen, a doubt takes root. I know never doubt, but keep the believe strong. But how can my belief be strong if people with good heart dies and the bad ones live on happily. We are the children of God. If we die in millions and millions, then where are the parents? Why arent they helping us? Why??

I know I sound like an atheist. But I am not. I am an average human being who believe in whom I pray to. But still I wont say I am a devotee who never questions.


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  1. I’m planning to catch this show.So, am not gona read this now but can u just tell me if it was nice or not?hehehe

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