This movie Eeram is directed by Arivazhagan and produced by Shankar. The cast are Nanda, Aadhi, Sindhu Menon and Chaya Singh. Before I go into criticizing and praising the movie(whichever comes first), I have to say the is superb. Now I think that sums up what I wanna say about the movie. The only big name in this movie is Shankar who produced the movie. Other then him, there are no other big names. But the movie doesnt really make you think that.

Aadhi who acted in mirugam has acted very well in this movie. This is a very different character from the one he played in mirugam. And most importantly he looked very very different from Mirugam. And it is a very good difference. :). He played the sweet lover very realistically. I would say that his real strength in this movie is his agility. How he moves through out the movie with the silent strength and calmness. Superb!!!

Sindhu Menon. The last movie that I saw of hers was samuthiram. I din really like her in that movie. But in this movie, I take back my word. She acted very well. She was the perfect sweet girl who was very sensitive. She talked through the eyes. Everytime she gave the look, it spoke volume. Sindhu is very very good.

Nandha as the psycho husband played it to the perfect. But he did the negative role with such calm. With such control of anger. It has been a long since I have seen that kind of villain.

I was wondering when I saw the title of the movie of how relavant it is to the movie. I have to say that for once, the director have chosen a title which suited the movie throughout. I realised that they titled as Eeram for two reasons. One was coz water was the common medium in all the murders. That was the obvious one. The no so obvious one was to have some consious when talking about another person. A gossip would cost a person’s life. A thriller movie with a good message. 🙂

You will leave the theatre feeling all the feelings. Happiness when you see the love between Vasu(Aadhi) and Ramya(Sindhu). Sadness over the fact they could not get together and that Vasu still loves Ramya. Anger when you realise that the husband killed Ramya.

The songs were melodious mostly. They remind me of the breeze. I donnoe why. Nice to hear.

The story-wise, I would say its good. Smooth moving and very importantly it moved between the past and present. The colours used throughout the whole movie gives you the feel of the scene to be seen and felt. For once I cannot find a fault in a movie and this is it.:)

Watch it!!!


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  1. Good Post.

    I have saw the file. But some time i get irritate while ramya husband asking some question…… This is never happen in real life. By the by film is good.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I dont know which question you are saying about. But I would not say that such things dont happen in real life. Be it a woman or a man, there are very possessive individuals. 🙂

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