Aadhavan is a deepavali release. A much expected movie. One of the reason for such a high expectation is actor Surya. He is known to try to do different roles for most of his movies. He is willing to take the effort to go the extra mile. My expectation for his acting skills reached the highest after seeing Varanam Ayiram. In Ayan, I saw it as good entertainer even though it did not reach the expectation that resulted from Varanam Ayiram.

But Aadhavan, it just blew my mind. A movie is made up of many components. And I say that only two components make me go ‘wow’ in this movie. The camerawork. It was superb. He made the scenes come alive. The other was is the technical aspect. The way they used technology to complement the camerawork.

The main characters Surya and Nayanthara, they were both hot. Surya did his job in acting. I wont say its exceptionally good or different. But its good. Nayanthara has no variety in any of her movies. The same turn. The same smile and the same postures. Nothing different from her. But for once, she wore proper clothes for most of the movie.

The story was very loosely linked. We can clearly see that the story has no direction. Some scenes were even redundant. At times some scenes, seemed detached from the whole movie. And I have no idea why.

The other savior of the movie that I forgot to mention is the comedy. It was good. Vadivelu made me laugh alot throughout the whole movie.

To sum everything up, Aadhavan is a movie that is average. Can be watched once for entertainment. But it may be a disappointment to some, esp the most talked about scene in the movie-the ten year old boy.

Picture from: http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/tamil/review/10891.html


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  1. Yeah!I was stunned when i saw the 10yr old boy’s face..WTH?!The movie didn’t meet my expection too..

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