Ninaithale Inikkum(2009)


I wanted to blog about this movie for some time. But I keep forgetting. Must be getting old..:P

This movie bears the same name as the 1980’s Kamal movie. But the story is nowhere near that. This ninaithale innikkum starrs Prithiviraj, Shakthi Vasu, Priyamani and one more girl whose name I dont know. Personally I felt that Priyamani and Prithiviraj looked too old for the college days that was shown in a flashback. And I also felt that Priyamani was not given much scope in this movie. Shakthi Vasu has improved in his acting when compared to his previous movie. He brought out the character well. Bagyaraj as the father of Shakthi Vasu has done his role very well. The sensitive and loving father. And as the fun-loving friend to the other guys in the hostel. He was GOOD!!! More then good!!! Now coming to the story, even though the story is not very sturdy and the turning points actually flopped abit instead of making the audience go ‘Oh!!!’, its a good attempt making this movie. I felt that it was an good attempt at something different. But just got to work more and make it fool-proof. The plus point of this movie are the songs. They rock!!! Esp my personal favourite Azhagaai Pookuthey-Sung by Janaki Iyer and Prasanna. I think i have listened to that song so many times that I have lost count. The song is in the repeat mode in my mp3 player. I liked the song more after seeing e video song. It is actually a sad song but it doesn’t sound so. It just makes you fall in love with love. 🙂 I would say its a ok movie. But the songs are more then ok. 🙂

Let me leave you with my favourite song from the movie.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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