Achchamundu Achchamundu



It is a movie by a NRI in USA named Arun Vaidyanathan. It does not have e most popular actors and actress but it has the actor and actress who can act. It was Sneha and Prasanna. I went to the movie thinking of catching a commercial film. Maybe make me laugh a bit and shed some tears here and there. But I ended up with something that was totally different from my expectation. The theme was something that many indians turn a blind eye too. Children being sexually abused. It is a not a topic we feel comfortable talking about. We prefer to think that it is happening in another world. Somewhere far from us. But in reality it could be happening just outside your house. This movie is sure to bring awareness and even a sense of alarm. The topic has been handled well. But I felt that the movie was moving too slowly. Somewhere in the middle, I lost my attention. It could be because I went in with a expectation of a commercial movie but ended up seeing a documentry. Nevertheless, when you leave the theatre you will think abt this movie. It creates a impact in you. Do watch this movie, if you wanna see something different and if you have patience. Something to make you think. And even worth the money. Just wasnt the one I was looking for.


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