Some memories make you happy..

Some make you angry…

Some make you sad…

and some make you regret for the things you could have done but din do…

I was clearning my cupboard and came across this abacus..Its a old abacus.. I got it when I was just 7 years old. It was from chinese thaathaa(grandfather). Thats what I call him. Till today I dont know his name. He used live on the second floor which his wife. He used to pamper me alot. Buy me sweets. Toys..Just like a real grandfather. He used to sit with me while I study. He was great. We stayed in that same block for years, coz we din want to move away from him. Once, I din see him for two days. I knew he wont stay without seeing me for two days. When I went to his house to see why he din visit me for the last two days, I saw the patti clearing the house and packing her things. He passed away. And i din even know. They were not a well of family, so they did not have the gathering the chinese have under the blocks after someone in the family passes away. I din know he passed away untill his funeral was over. The patti moved in with her son. One day I called her but cldnt talk properly. And after that, i couldnt get thr to the number at all. It has been over 10 years..And till now I feel that I cld have done smth keep in touch with patti..Its just very sad…



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