I know i came to blog something else..but ended up posting something else..
but watever i posted are really worth while..:P haha
it is one month since holiday started and it almost nearing its end..
and in this two long months if anyone is to ask me what I did…
I have to say…

“I dont know!!”

It is amazing how the time flies even though we dont anything useful with our lives.

I can tell you, everyday I wake up and by the time i decide what to do, the day ends..

I am left feeling awed at the speed time is running out.

I can feel that life is moving pass me but I am just being stagnant.

I can see that I am not actually doing anything and I dont feel like changing my behaviour.

I am sad that time is just passing by while i sit there pondering…

what the hell am I doing???

I havent read a single book this hols..and this thought depresses me…

where did my enthusiasm for books go???

I havent wrote anything this hols..

where did my creativity go??

I have no idea and its kind of scaring me..

I am also becoming like everyone..

Everyday is a different day..

But for me it ends up being same everyday..


get up and do something with your life and self.

dont just sit and waste your time away..

GET UP!!!!


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