A Tragedy…


Yesterday a shocking incident occurred in NTU. Just a few metres from me.

A professor was stabbed and a student committed suicide.

Link to the news article

Its very upsetting because firstly someone lost his life..

I couldnt stop thinking about this student who took his life after stabbing his professor.

A final year student who just had less then 2 months to graduate.

He came all the way from Indonesia and studied like mad to get through 3 and half years of his university education, only to stab a professor and commit suicide.

I cant get over the fact that he is so young with a whole future ahead of him…and worse he had only a month or so to bear through.

I read that the professor is fine and would be discharged soon. I am happy to hear that the professor survived…But very sad to see that a life is lost too.

I pray that his soul finds his peace.

And the professor recovers fast.

*I guess when a man breaks he goes beyond all boundries and control.*


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