chandi chowk to china


I have to tell the truth. I went to this movie with lots of expectations. I esp expected to be laughing till my sides ached. And all I got was some smiles now and then. And irritation and impatience waiting for something funny to happen in that movie. And in the end, I left with the thought “I know why they have dual roles for the heroine. So that the movie will at least run as ppl will come to see her.”

The movie was dumb in short. The heroine was way too sexy. The hero was way too dumb and irritating. The chinese and bald and father of the heroine was the only positive thing. He handled his role with professionalism.
I know my review may sound very harsh. But I was super irritated coz I wanted to laugh. It was quite some time since I saw a comedy. sighz..


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