We, the plus sized women


There was this show on tv. Every week it focuses on e different subject. This week it was about obesed ladies.

They said obesed ladies feel inferior.

I say, “Why should they?”

Dont they have the shape, the beauty, the brains and very importantly the character.

They said that obesed ladies find it hard to get jobs.

Even though I dont see the connection between being obesed and getting a job,

I ask ” Why shouldnt/couldnt they get a job? They are self-confident, capable and passionate beings too.”

They think ” Hey I made a good show to show the world how obesed women cannot make it in life.”

I say ” Look around you and you will know you are wrong.”

If someone is to read this, that someone would say “She is defensive.”

I say “Yes, I am defensive. look into your heart and you would know I am telling the truth.”

*On another note, the programmes shown on tv should try to reduce negatives things in the society instead of trying to belittle people for their size and the education level. What kind of character are they portraying for the whole country to see.*


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