Abiyum Naanum



I wen to see Abyium Naanum last fri. This movie is something similar to Vaaranam Ayiram but a softer and less excited version. Its about the bond between a father and daughter. The father(Prakashraj) loves his daughter(Trisha) alot. He looks after her every need and loves her so much that he never wants to leave her out of his sight. But circumstances make him adapt to the changes and the fact that he wont always have his daughter by his side. He seemed to be adapting well till Trisha tells him about her love. And it gets worse when her love of her life turns out to be a Sikh. There is a bit of friction in the daughter-father relationship….

The story is slow moving but it isnt boring. That is the best thing aboout this movie. Even though Vaaranam Ayiram is a great movie, some do find it boring due to its length( i am not one them :P). But Abiyum Naanum is slow movie but it doesnt bore. This movie would make you laugh alot. And most of it comes from Prakash Raj. His attempts to do the best for his daughter and what he had to go through for that. The seond part of the movie is more somber. In this part he realises that his daughter would not always go for what he wishes. She has a mind of her own. And the hurt he feels, its sure to make you tear. And I confidently say, that at some point of the movie you would wish for such a father. 🙂

Aishwarya as the mother of Trisha and wife of Prakash Raj has done well. She has a  full role from the start of the movie to the end of the movie. I would say that this is her most solid character in recent times. She as the strong mother and wife and also as a wife who understands the husband’s vunlerability is very good. I know her voice is a bit irritating as its scratchy but her acting would overcome that small thing.

Trisha’s character may seem like a contridictation in this movie. She is a daughter who loves her father. At the same time, she is independent. She wants to make the decisions on her own. Her acting is good. I read somewhere that she did not have much character in the movie. But I feel that this a impactful character that she has taken on compared to all her other dolled up heroine roles. She may not have carried out the character to her fullest ability. But she has tried and it shows.

There was a character called Ravi in this movie. The helper in the house. I dont know his real name. But i liked his character. He is witty and touching.:) The actor did well.

Over all, the props are simple. Nothing grand. Dealing with human emotions. Even though I felt that at some points the script could be better written, its a good movie that you should catch.


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  1. I read loads of your reviews on movies which you do… sorry don’t know if it’s tamil or gujarati one… but which ones you do really makes me wish to watch these movies. Only if… I couldn’t understand the languauge or if they were even in hindi. You know after reading about these movies (your reviews) I so wish that they could make some good movies like this in Hindi cinema… coz right now am so bored with the hindi cinema. All same boring stuff!

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