Crime and Movie


Last week(I think) went to watch Bolt. You know the dog which thinks it has super powers but when in reality it doesnt have any. In truth I did not like this movie as much as Kungfu Panda. The dog was/is very cute. But something lacked in this movie.

Nowadays, I see quite a number of people who sell $2 pens saying that the selling of these pens will help single-family kids and former-criminals. I have spent quite alot on these pens. I really hope these are real helpers instead of trying to cheat people out of money.

Thirdly I was seeing this program vizligal in vasantham. This week they were showing a episode about former criminals who cannot get a job. I am not defending these people. But all of us make mistakes. They just differ in the impact they have on us and others around us. I believe that everyone should be given a second chance to redeem themselves. Be cautious but not cruel. If our rejection causes another person to turn to the wrong, most prob we are in fault too. I know there are some who just dont realise their mistake. One chance to provide them with a oppotunity is our way to do our part. If they dont reform…Just give chances.Oppotunities. 🙂

As far as I know there are four fast food places. KFC, McDonalds, Long Johns Silver and Burger King. My personal favourites are Long Johns Silver and Burger King. Not coz of their food..not that they made bad food.i like it. but the thing that really makes me buy my food from these two places is that these places hire people. People who are old or different from us. :). I think its a very sweet and caring gesture. And I feel that we as public should support Long JohnsSilver and Burger King by buying food from them so that they would not regret thier choice of hiring these special people. 🙂


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  1. Hey illa, I know it’s not the right topic but wish you a very Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. Hey gal. About the pens sold for 2 dollars.
    I know they are like our Indian Kids who actually go about selling them. Then again gal, you’ve got to know one thing. This is a profit making organisation. Yes out of that two dollars, prolly 50-80 cents or less would go to the needy. The rest would be consumed by the company. It is a commission-based oragnisation. I have bought them too. My uncle who’s a lawyer, kinda enlightened me on this issue.

    So be real careful ok? 🙂

  3. oh..thanks shan for this information..the number have increased thats why i was wondering..thanks for enlightening me too..:)

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