More pictures(part 3)


I just love christmas..I am not a christian but I just feel happy during this festive season..Happyyyyyyyy..haha..

I have more pictures of christmas trees..I love christmas trees also..If I can, I would get a tree myself..happyyyyyyyyy




This was a waterfall kind of thing in suntec city..but the interesting thing about this is that the water looks like it is going up one moment and down e next moment..I really wanna know it works..very cool.. 😀



There was the biggest toys r us’ in suntec many was so fun to be back to our childhoods.. getting excited seeing all the soft toys..and finding which buttons makes what sounds in each toy..haha..


Followed by the Fortune waterfall, where niva did not make a wish like it was written in the instructions..haha..



more pictures to come…..


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