Dostana and Mirugam


Firstly I take back the word..Mirugam(direct translation: animal) is one of the best and powerful movie you will see any time soon. The title is not appealing. The ad is worse. But the movie is one of the best. And Padmapriya stole the stage. The most powerful character. She put her best and we got the best. Her actions do not look like acting. It is very natural. And it is just what we would have done automatically. My fav scene was when Adhi, her husband would try to throw the baby. Her instinct was to kick him, He is a strong man. But the anger of a mother just doesnt know boundry. And she showed it. This movie had A cert from the censorship board in Tamilnadu. But I tell you, you would not turn your head away even for a min coz its too sexual or violent. Everything follows naturally. It is not a movie you would want to see repeatedly. It is also not a movie for you to see as a enjoyment. It will make you think. It will make you reflect. The boundaries of human ignorance and human love. Can a person really love so much? Can people be so ignorant? This reminds me of a quote by Albert Enstein: Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

As for the actor, he did carry of the uncontrollable, violent womaniser that he was. And the ending when he turns over a new leave. I felt his character was not unique. But he did act well.



Two of the HOTTEST guys and they are GAY!!!


You want to see SIZZLING HOT HUNKS and SEXY MODELS/ACTRESSES and maybe the FIRST EVER GAY ACT BY TWO VERY VERY HOT ACTORS..then this is the movie for you..


This movie will make you laugh. Will make drool. Will make you sigh. But will it make a is a purely entertainment movie. for you slack with your friends..laugh at the not so smart things that John Abraham and Abhishek Bachan does..and of course.. and also to admire Priyanka’s wonderful hairstyle in this movie.. *I wonder how they did it* Shilpa Shetty’s scene was purely for displaying her wonderfully toned body..and of course to show the 6 pac body of John Abraham’s..Abishek was more modest. The highlight of the whole movie was the kiss between these two guys. In short I wont say its worth your money..but if you are really bored at home..then i guess you can see Dostana. and to end this…



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