Random things…



I love this drama. Its the second part of guru paarvai. About teachers and students. Its one of the most worth it your time drama you can catch on Mon. And for once, I liked Vishnu’s acting. He acted very well in a negative role. And the fact that the drama is not based on the now time, instead its from the past. I really hope, by some miracle they would increased the number of time shows from just on mon to two days a week(with no repeat). I persoanlly like the person who acted as the principal in this drama. I dont know who is it actually. Dont remember seeing him before on tv. But he has a very different voice. And he acts as the principal very well. The caring yet strict principal. A person who have to keep up with all sides. Very good. I thought the first season was good. this is better. 🙂

2nd on the list. I decided I shall use a diary too. And i will stick with it. ya. Will write all the depressing things there. I no longer want a depressing blog. 🙂 Life itself is sad enough.

Coming Sat, they are showing mirugam on vasantham. I read the review and saw that it is a ‘DIFFERENT’ movie. I wonder how families are goiing to watch this movie together.

I have some more things to write about…but I have to rush to temple now..will be back with some pictures..haha..

and oh i like my blog template alot. Of course its not done by me. but it reminds me a person who always smiles..u noe.. 🙂


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