I want to…


From young…ok from a age when I started knowing the difference bet good and bad…

Firstly from I donnoe when I wanted to built something like this.

of course i cannot afford such a big one..but i surely can built a small one..and I am proud to say I have started my collection of books..


When I start working and have saved up some money..I want to do this..starting from

India esp Kerala

kerala and


and other places like




Santa Maria della Salute in Venice

and Greece(I cldnt upload the pic)

and finally when i get old..

i want to live in a small cottage


with a dog


sitting on a couch reading


and writing


 …There it is..the way I want my life to..I hope I hope I really hope at 80percent of it works out…


5 responses »

  1. Awwww… OH WOW! your plan totally matches with my plans, except India’s part. But other ones are same. 🙂

    Chalo lets hope atleast some of it works out. InshAllah. 😀

    Btw, How’ve you been Illa? How’s life?

  2. I forgot to add, except India’s & Dog’s part.
    Man I so don’t like dogs and also somewhat afraid of them 😛

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