Vaaranam Aayiram



In short, the movie ROCKS.

In that 3 hours, you will cry your heart out, laugh till your sides ache, giggle uncontrolablly and get amazed many many times.

This is one movie, maybe the only movie, where no character is left out. EVERYONE ACTS!!! Even the heroines act.

Surya as the father and the son, the best acting among all his movies. He doesnt raise the voice once as the father. Always manages to show his feelings through his facial expressions and voice tone.

Surya as the son, HOT HOT HOT!!!!

06surya ok actually this is just the bonus. His real thing was his acting. I have no words. It was marvallous.

Sameera Reddy as the girlfriend is one of the sweetest girl.

sameerareddybollywoodacot0 and sameera-reddy

Do you know both the girls is Sameera Reddy? She acted so differently from her normal glamorous characters. She acted with ease the simple and lovable girl that she is supposed to be. She doesnt show a second of glamour at all in this movie. And that brought out her beauty more then all her other glamourous characters.

Divya Spandana as the girlfriend after sameera reddy passes away and later as the wife, carries the character out very well. Its her best acting to date. As the girl who is deeply in love with Surya shows her feeling very well through her eyes.

Simran as the mother does her role well. She changes her voice to suit her age. She shows the love of a mother on a son very well. And Simran in the eighties is BEAUTIFUL!!! The old simran is back for the eighties period.

One of the best scene in the movie was the eighties where the father Surya wooed Simran. It gave the sweetest feeling. It even made me believe in everlasting love.

As a whole Vaaranam Aayiram is worth ur money and time. Its a movie you should not miss. Its a movie in which a son admires his parent very much. You would not feel a moment of boredom from the start of the movie to the end of the movie.



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  1. this is the best movie i have ever seen surya’s and sameera’s love in the movie is so beautiful everyone should sooooooooooo see this movie:)

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