Its very funny..

I have been dreaming of people whom I never talk to or rarely talk to.

I wonder what do the dreams mean??


About Illakiyaa

அவ்வப்போது ஏற்படும் எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்கல்களாக தோன்றும் இடம் இது.

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  1. you know. dreams do mean a whole lot. it’s not something you’d class it as primary.

    dreams are where you resolve your temptations and things you yearn for. at times it could even reflect the fear you have in your sub-conscious mind.

    for an instance, if u really are fond of someone. yet you put a brave front or a hard front infront of that person. you’d tend to have dreams/thoughts of that person.

    so dreams are normal yet it gives u a message of what you really need in ure inner self. yet again. youve got to get reflecting sweet thing. 🙂

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