So I am back…


I found inspiration and sadness at the same place.

Inspiration to share my experience.

Sadness because this tiny people have to go through so much to grow up.

Inspiration because there is still so much love, passion and heart in many people.

Sadness because life cannot be cruel.

Inspiration because a small accomplisment seems the size of himalayas to them,

Sadness because for us even small things make us so irritated, unhappy and angry.

I donnoe, today my heart is very heavy becuase I have been so foolishly blind with special things around me. Selfishly centered my attention on myself. I still have my two arms, two legs, two eyes and two ears functioning properly. I have my heart and mind under control. But there are so many little lovable souls who do not have these things under their control. These lovable souls would need the help of someone all their life.

For me it is not the end of life, but for them there is not much a choice…I donnoe..*sighz

There was once upon a time when i was thinking of going into special ed after i have worked in the main stream for some years. but after these two days of experience in an autistic school, i dont think i have the passion and patience that i see in the teachers there. I dont think I can smile through the day giving the children support all the while. or see e small steps that the students make patiently till they reach the end. I donnoe whether i have that kind of patience. When I saw these teachers, when i talked to them I felt a sense of guilt that I do not think like them. I do not possess that kind of patience that they have. At the end of the day, I drew inspiration from them.

Secondly the students. Actually i should have wrote about the students first. They are the most important people. If you want to see the shape of innocence and a real child. These children would be them. Everything they did broke my heart. Esp the younger ones. I so wanted to give them a hug…but they turnt away from me. I dont have much to say. but it is a special experience.


About Illakiyaa

அவ்வப்போது ஏற்படும் எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்கல்களாக தோன்றும் இடம் இது.

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  1. Well gal, I am glad the experience opened your eyes. Its a whole world out there all blind to us all. But well, I am really glad to have been able to share my wonderful experience. Go out there tell more ppl. The world needs to be aware of the things that happen around. I hope that one day society will accept and embrace these kids, adults. Have a great day and for being a great communicator. Now we need a blog. Ha ha see i won’t stop bothering you. You are so going to miss me.

  2. Welcome back Illa, missed you alot, even though i don’t know you much except from this blog but a strange bond I felt between you and me because of which I missed you really.

    You know your this post and other one (below this post) made me cry. You know I’m soon going to sit for prayer now, because its Ibadaat ki raat (27th of ramadan) when angels come to earth, to us, so don’t worry. I’ll pray for you, may you get some peace in your mind, heart, for your happiness, ot give you strength. And will pray for these people aswell. Thankyou for sheding some light on it:). God Bless You.

  3. hi realfantasy23,

    ur words touched my heart. maybe its ur prayers tat made my day peaceful and happy too..:-)..Thank you for the special friendship realfanatsy23. Thank You.

  4. I’m glad that me prayers did work :). I was sitting in prayers last night (i’ve posted about it in my blog aswell). No need for thankyous, infact I’m glad about this friendship :), you can call me Ika. If my prayers really work, Ill pray for you always then. Be happy, may God Bless you 🙂 .

    (and please now dont abandon this blog and leave like before, I love reading it :))

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