I know by now many of you would have thought, here is another person who have started a blog and abandoned it… I did not abandon it..Just have be so busy..

Anyways I wanted to talk about this movie for some time…

Aayudham Seivom

If you have seen any of Sundar C’s movie(him as a hero of the movie). It is always the same story. A rowdy turned good. A girl to fall in love with him. And most prob the girl’s only role would be to appear glamarous.

And I wont say this story is much different from the others. Even though it was a commercial based movie with a couple of songs, a couple of fight scenes and rowdy turned good theme, the thing that stands out in this movie that makes it better then all his other movies, is that Gandhism. It means to follow the non-violence belief of Gandhi. The name of the movie may not suggest it. But i thought that at least there is one movie which brings out the one belief which made India’s Independence different from all other countries. And I also felt that the non-violence belief can be brought across to the viewers more easily and effective because the viewers are in a large numbers for a commercial movie. And further more, it is said in simple terms that would make understanding easier. It may not be the greatest movie. But its worth seeing.

And secondly a piece of news from Kamalhassan.


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