What you stand by?


This post is a inspiration from this. I have always believed that as humans who has the ability to think for themseleves should always have some principles that they always stand by. These not only draw up the path that you would follow, they also give you something to focus on and to lead your life based on. And very importantly they also define you.

I was thinking what are my principles in my life.

And I realised I dont really have any idea.

Ok not that i dont have any idea..but i just am not sure about where I stand.

But some things that I believe I should follow in my life…

I truly believe that you must be true to your heart. What you want to say or do may hurt you or upset you, but if you feel that it is necessary, then go ahead. Or if you think you must make a decision..follow your heart and not others voices.

The other think i strongly believe is in that, dont say things if they are not goin to be of any use. Some people say things coz they are the frank sort. But truthfully I dont believe in that. Why be frank when that remark is going to hurt someone? And no one is going to benefit from it in a positive manner.

I know its only two..coz I dont really know what my other principles are..I do have some strong views..but i donnoe whether they can be considered as principles..but for now..I am going to end with these…


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  1. hi illa, ur post made me WOW!! Seriously, I too didn’t thought of that and now thanx to you I too will think where I stand. I think I have 1 or 2 principles but i didn’t knew till now 😛 . Thanx for this topic 😀 .

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