Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect

I watched Dasavatharam on last Wednesday. I was waiting for this movie for a year or more. Finally after so many lawsuits and don’t know what other obstacles it came out with lot of expectations. Some are happy with the movie while there are some who think that the movie was not good enough for the great expectation. Before I continue, Dasavatharam means 10 incarnations. So far the most number of roles that a single actor has done in one movie were nine roles by Sivaji Ganesan in (I don’t know what is the name of the movie). The director of the movie K.S.Ravikumar. He is known for movies with a bit of romance, a bit of fight, a bit of comedy and a bit of sentimental scenes. In other words, he knows the formula for a good commercial movie. The actor is kamal hassan. A dynamic actor who sets a new bence mark in the acting field with every movie. If the actor is not the director of the movie, you cannot expect a movie with 100% style of the actor being reflected in the movie. Instead you will see even if it is a small bit, you will surely see the director’s style in the movie. So those of you who have seen Dasavatharam would have realized that K.S.Ravikumar’s style is reflected in the movie quite obviously, in a pleasant manner. Now to the movie. The movie started with a ‘bang’. The force of the starting leaves you craving for more. The first song is great. Actually more than great. It shoots right to your heart. You will feel the tears in your eyes for the
Rangaraja Nambi (Kamal Haasan). When they throw the great statue of Vishnu into the sea with him tied to it, your heart would just stop for a moment and you would end up sitting at the edge of your chair thinking whether will Rangaraja Nambi come out of the sea alive miraculously( it could be cause you know that anything can happen in a Tamil movie). But nothing like that would happen. The switch to the present is sudden but not abrupt. It would not confuse you instead it will make you want to know what is happening. And why has the movie shifted to the present. From here the movie is a roller coaster ride. There is no one moment of boredom. Dasavatharam not only teaches us Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect, it makes our conscious debate between God and science. Whether God has a reason for everything that happens including a Tsunami that killed 100 and 100 thousands of people. It also makes you struggle between the usage of advanced technology to create weapons that may destroy millions of people. Is is justifiable to use a weapon just because we are being attacked when we know that weapon can kill millions? Or is it justifiable to cause a disaster that results in 100 thousands of deaths to prevent millions of deaths? How inferior are these lives to those who were saved by this natural disaster? And as always we have to debate on the ethicals of a human as a human. What he should do vs what he can do. And it also makes us reflect on the ironies of life. How the person whom we detest the most could be our life saver. Or how a bhramin lady hugs a lower caste man whom she would have refused to even touch in another situation. Or how a status(caste) is not important to fight for what you want. And how the look does not reflect who you really are. And how a person whom we call insane sees more than a normal being like us do. This movies makes you asks endless number of questions that would leave you reeling. Despite the romance, comedy or fight, it leaves you with food for thought. It leaves you with uncertainties and confusion.

Now lets move to the other parts of the movie.

Asin did a good job as both Andal and wife of Nambi. Her attempt at comedy was commendable. She did act in path with Kamal.

The songs were very great. The only disappointment that I had was Ulaganayagan. I loved that song. But I feel the scene did not live up to it. Firstly when the song started, quite a length of time was focussed on George Bush(played by kamal). And this may mislead people to believe that the song is describing George Bush as the World Artist. And secondly I feel that K.S.Ravikumar should not have danced for that song. I don’t know how but they could have done this scene in a different manner.

The 10 characters of Kamal: Rangaraja Nambi, Govindarajan Ramaswamy, Christian Fletcher, Shingen Narahashi, Avtaar Singh, Krishnaveni, Vincent Poovaraagan, Kalif Ullah, President Bush and Balram Naidu.

My favourite among these 10 characters are Vincent Poovaraagan, Rangaraja Nambi and Avtaar Singh. I like them because firstly, for Vincent Poovaraagan’s desire to save the soil whom he compares to a mother. He does not fear or back down because he is from the lower caste. Rangaraja Nambi stands by what he believes in even if it is to lose his life. And Avtaar Singh mainly for his dancing.

I felt that most characters out of the 10 brought out some kind of message for us.

Govind did what he should do to save millions of people. He tried his best. He stood by his ethics.

Krishnaveni like i said before the insane sees what we the sane do not see.

Fletcher shows the evilness that can exist among us.

Avtaar shows that if you love life, you would not want death any time soon. He loved life cause he loved his wife.

Kalif Ullah is the perfect example of how size or look have nothing to do with how a person is. His size do not go with his character(naivety). And it is quite real in our world.

Other then the acting, the camera work was superb. The computer graphics were excellent. Especially the beginning of the movie.

Some similarites can be seen among some secenes in the movie and other movies of kamalhassan. Especially the chracter Krishnaveni seems like the oldie in Micheal Madhana Kamarajan. And Kalif Ullah looked like Bheem Boy in the same movie. Some dialouges too sounded quite familiar. But I could not figure which movies are they from.

Other then this small pleasant hiccup, the movie is a must-watch. Even days after watching the movie, you would feel the impact of it in you.



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