U me aur Hum


It has been almost 2 months since U me aur Hum came out. Ajay Devagan’s first attempt as a director. And another superb acting by the star couple. As a movie, its a great movie. With love, comedy and sentiments. The acting is marvelous. Ajay and Kajol has great chemistry.(duh!!!) The opening is very symbolic for the story. The way the letters join in one by one to form the quote, I believe says that there is no love or life without you and me in it. Maybe it wasnt meant that way. But thats the way I took it. Ajay as a lover boy and a good husband plays well. I think he really pulled of the caring husband. The pain and love that he brought in his eyes. It would make your eyes tear for sure. Kajol has given her best to go in stride with Ajay. But i think she did not quite reach the standard that she set for herself in Fanaa. Her acting was good, but not as good as Fanaa. I liked the actors who acted as Ajay and Kajol’s friends. Many would wish for such supporting friends. They were great.The setting was romantic. A cruise. The sea. The sky… it just creates the right mood. The other negative I felt was the make-up. I felt that it wasnt properly done. Esp for Kajol. It wasnt natural. And something that got onto my nerve was in a certain scene where Kajol and Ajay were talking, the camera kept moving the focus fr Ajay to Kajol and back again. After awhile it got boring and very importantly it gave me a headache. They could have avoided this. When I was reading about U me aur Hum in wikipedia, they wrote the movie is loosely based on the movie notebook. I did not see Notebook. But I have seen the first 50 dates..And i thought the story U me aur Hum may have been based on first 50 Dates. As a whole the movie is good and worth your time and money. At times it may test your patience, but believe me when you finish seeing the movie you will be left with wet eyes and a smile.. 🙂


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