Relationships over time..


Last Fri, we had a surprise for a friend. A birthday surprise at Swenson’s. The most ironic part is that I haven’t met her in the last four years. We studies in JC together. After graduating, we slowly drifted apart. By the way I was quite close to her in JC. And the drifting apart wasn’t her fault really. Its more my fault. She asked me to meet up many times, but every time there would be a reason and I could not meet her..And slowly she stopped asking and I did not take the effort to meet up after that. After four years, we saw each other and I realized that it is really sad coz, coz of our ‘laziness’ or not wanting to take the extra step, we actually lose some good friends. It struck me how much I missed her nonsense. Her sarcasm and her as a person. We just flow with life. Its more like life is carrying us through our living. We are not really living. We let the untouched be untouched. We don’t take the effort to correct something that has been in that particular way for many years. We get too comfortable in our situation that we don’t want to do anything to change it. In this way, we lose many people and get bored with life and get lazy.

When I was saying this to another friend, A. She said thats why there is MSN and blogs to keep in contact. Because we cannot meet up often. Then I realised that, I don’t even talk to 3/4 of the contacts in my MSN list. There is this particular group whom I always chat with. The rest, I don’t remembered when I really chatted anyone who is outside that list. In reality, MSN is a way for us to cheat ourselves thinking that ‘hey, she is in my MSN contact list. We are still in contact. ‘.. Now that is truthfully rubbish. We add long lost friends so we can console ourselves that we took the effort to maintain the friendship. And a stagnant relationship is not friendship. Be it once a week or once a month, we should chat with the people on our list. Meet up once in awhile..Even if it is once a year. Like a ritual. You would realize that you actually good friends. Its just that you never bothered looking more than you have to.


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  1. I second your opinion, especially the MSN part. Same goes with Friendster and Facebook. We keep adding them to our list, but in actuality we don’t really make the effort to catch up with them, especially those whom we have lost contact with.

    It’s scary isn’t it? Good friends turn strangers just like that. Haiz.

    Hopefully the meet-up was just a beginning. Here’s to more meet-ups in future.

    Cheers! 😉

  2. I also agree with you Illa, same happens with me it is so sad.

    and Sarenadaq
    “It’s scary isn’t it? Good friends turn strangers just like that.”

    I totally agree with this statement and it is really scary.

    Ika 🙂

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