I would be skipping from a thought to thought…

so keep up..

1. You know how light is symbolizes a new beginning..And from what I have read(both trusted and could be not so trusted resources) people who have near death experiences see a light at the end of a passageway or at some point. That means death is a new beginning in the life of our soul. Human life is one part. And the next journey starts when we pass away. Now that doesn’t sound very bad. Does it?? Truthfully I don’t know whether i believe in life after death but this way of thinking makes a bit sense does’nt it? Death(I mean natural death) is a new beginning. When your loved one passes away, he or she is beginning a new chapter in his or her life.

2. I am super duper upset. Desavatharam is out finally. And thats not why I am upset. I am thrilled for that. Finally its out. But those have seen the movie are not giving a positive review. I have not seen yet. I don’t care what anyone says. I am going to see and come to a judgment myself. Many did not really like alavandhan and virumandi. And I liked them. So you never know…But I am sure Kamal’s acting and the camera techniques would be superb. 😀

3. I miss v and s.

4. You know the May holidays would be a hard time for me. Because quite a number of my friends would go of to India. And I would become homesick as I could not go. sighz. Every year its the same and still it doesnt seem to get any better.

5. And finally I am finished..

Wasnt this post really a post of random things.. :P..

I will be back..haha..


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