2 in 3 days..


Second time in my life..I have seen 2 movies in a week…

On sat, I went to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


The movie is funny. Good camera skills. The actors were decent. It is a fun movie to watch if you wanna loosen up a bit. Slack a bit. Laugh a lot. In short its a one timer entertainment movie. The one thing that really irritated me was the crystal skull. It looked like a plastic sheet was crumbled and stuffed inside a solid plastic which was shaped like a skull. Total waste. And I found the ending a bit odd. I thght it went against the ‘knowledge is power’ way of thinking. It may give a bad impression for our youngsters who find any way that would support their reasoning for not studying.

The second movie that I watched was Kung Fu Panda.

Another funny movie. A mixture of philosphies and laughter. Some may overlook the philosophy. It runs along the line of believing in someone and wanting to be someone in life…I would say the starting was quite good. Something different from what I have seen so far. And also another against the odd thing i realized was that a snake feeling pity and helping a panda. Usually a snake would be shown in the negative character. It was quite refreshing to see something different. My favorite character in tis movie was the turtle. So much of wisdom. So much of ease in life. So much of calmness in everything. The villain character was really made to show a strong fix – minded villain very well. The sleekness in his movement. The sense of dry humor…A violent and still a stylish villain, I would say.A praying mantis was one of the 5 most powerful fighters. It may have been created to say size is not what matters, its the power within. And who can say its wrong. In short the movie is worth your time.


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  1. Nice reviews for the movies. I was in two minds about Kungfu panda, but if your review says it is good, then I will watch it.Good posts. I will come back read the old posts.

  2. Hey Sara..how r u?? i am gd….haha i do still visit ur blog at times..haha..e movie is gd..u shld catch it..enjoy.. 🙂

    Hi Mr Manohar,
    It is a very funny movie with simple msgs..haha..it will make u relax for sure..enjoy.. :)..hope to see u ard..

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