Friendship (continuation)


I left with a one liner about friendship yesterday. And i believe it to be true. The very things that make up a friendship can be e factors for breaking the same friendship. The trust and confidence you put in each relationship. The trust that whatever you say wont be repeated anywhere else or the confidence that you always have someone you can lean on for support. The other thing that can shaken up a friendship is expectations. Expectations are proportional to the closeness you have with a person. And these expectations most of the time break these relationships.

aiya crap with philosophies..

I am just so tired….


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  1. Oh wow, last night I read that one liner and instantly word “Trust” came in my mind and I wrote all in reply but when I was about to post it, I thought its just a qoute and deleted my repyl before posting 😛 ….
    But reading this you are right… i think in one word its trust… You trust someone to be your friend but when the trust breaks friendship breaks too….

    So far I think your philoshise are fine, and if you keep writing it you’ll improve it aswell 🙂 … I’m also doing same thing 😛 …

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