Queen Latifah


I am sure many are wondering why am I putting up Queen Latifah’s picture out of nowhere…

Well you dont need to be slim to be pretty..A smile will do..

And I think Queen Latifah shows that perfectly well… 🙂


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  1. I think that no matter how big, small, wide, or thin, it’s all about the confidence that you put forth and the way you carry yourself. Beauty is only skin deep…..

  2. haha..I did not expect a comment this fast… :)..v true comments.. it all depends on the way you carry yourself…but at the same time, it wont hurt to be at least satisfied with your looks too..many maybe confident when inside, they may be not so happy with your looks..what i was trying to say is that..size dont really matter and things like make-up and stuff wen u have smth as simple as a smile..:)

  3. Queen Latifah is an absolute babe, and built like a real woman should be. Oh yes, she can sing as well!

  4. i envy queen latifah so much she looks good no matter what shes the most beautiful woman ive ever seen!

  5. she is a true inner queen.thank God i know her.you are my star in everything you do.no mater when u act tough or not.i love you .mwa

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