Shawshank Redemption


A old man who have spent his 50 odd years in a prison. No contact with the outside world. All he knew was that four walls and his fellow convicts. And one fine day he gets his freedom. For those outside that wall, its freedom. But those who have spent too many years inside the four walls, its known as fear. He rather be inside the prison, then to come out. Surprisingly, his feelings make sense. As much as it is very sad to say, our society dont exactly welcome convicts even if not for with open arms, not even a smile to encourage them to move in life. And esp, if you have no one outside the four walls, waiting for you. Life in this world is a torture.Loneliness.Sadness and uncertainty. In the end that old man commits suicide. It is sad to say that it maybe the reality. Whether its a prison or any other institution, we grow too comfortable in that environment that we never want to step out. We are so afraid of the outside world. I don’t know, I just felt like sharing this particular scene. And by the way, this movie is worth your time. Do watch it.


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