Back: Arai En 305il Kadavul and IIppadiku Rose


I am back after a very long time…

Its just that I lost my mood to blog due to unknown reason. The reason for the long absence.

In this long absence, nothing much have happened in my life.

Teaching. Coming home. and once in a while meeting friends. Life is going on quite fast.

And I am stuck at a phase where I feel that I am living a robotic life.

When I go to school, I feel happy(even though most of the time I am screaming) seeing my students.

Like Shanth said, they do become a important part of your life.

And not seeing them do make me miss them.:P

After coming home, I feel that I am wasting my time.

I want to do something. Something worthwhile.

I do read quite alot nowadays.

More then when I was studying.

On a different note, for the last few weeks, I have realised the disadvantage of being the only child.

The loneliness. No one to talk to. No one to fight with. No one go out with.

Friends are busy. Parents are working. So that leaves me only.

On another different note, I found this incredibly good coffee 3 in one. Old Town, Hazelnut flavour.

Its superb.

For one of my lessons, I was looking through the different kinds of houses in this world.

And i chanced upon the houses in Greece.

Seeing the pictures, I really want to visit Greece. It is such a beautiful country.

Hopefully one day, I would get the chance.

Last week I went to see Arai En 305il Kadavul.

Ganja Karupu, Saanthaanam and Prakash Raj acted in this movie as main characters.

I think the movie is good. Good in the sense, it has some good messages to offer to the audience. There is comedy here and there. The only problem is that there are too many messages. By the time the movie ended, I was a bit confused. But regardless this small problem, the movie is worth the money and time. Oh by the way, it lasts more then the normal 2 and half hours.

Saanthanaam as a hero, did pull it of quite well. And he does look good :D.

I liked the fact that they didnt narrow the concept of God to only Hindu Gods(even though the posters does make it seem like the movie is all abt Hindu Gods). When Prakash appears, he clearly puts across the fact that all God is the same. And whatevery they preach is all same. They only differ in shape, size and looks.

I also like the fact that he wears white through out the movie. Just like how the ‘God’ in Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty(I think) wore white and white. It gives the impression that God is netrual to all parties. He doesnt think of one above the other. At least thats how I assume.

And messege 2 is superstitious beliefs are made by humans and not by God. God did not say walk on fire. We do it. God did not say break a coconut over your head to see whether you are sinner. We do it. In short we are the one who come up with all the crap saying its God who wants that. God just wants the best for us and offer us lots of oppotunities. Its us who are blind despite having a pair of perfectly working eyes.

But surprisingly(it was a pleasant surprise), the movie kind of also supported Periyar’s belief. Periyar does not believe. He was a atheist. A atheist believes in himself more than anything else. And Prakash Raj actually explains everyone needs a support. The support can come in the form of a person or self confidence or if you have no one at all, then comes in the form of God. I think I am not doing a good job of explaining this point. But i like his explanation alot. Something different.

And of course, the movie also stated that love is God just like in Kamal’s Anbe Sivam. But its just that in this movie, love is God isnt the main theme of the movie. These movie have lots of thought-provoking words to offer. At the end of the movie, it is sure to make you think over the believe of God and of how we always blame God if something bad happens to us.

The songs are nice. But i felt that the songs were nicer to hear then to see on the screen. But they are pleasant enough to hear. Everyone have given a good acting. I think I better stop for the movie. I can go on and on.. 😛 You all really should see the movie.

Last week when I met Janz and Shanthi for the movie, Janani was telling me about the IIppadiku Rose. This is a program in Vijay TV where they hold a discussion regarding a topic. And if I am not wrong, in the 8 episode of this show, the topic was does Tamil-Medium student are at disadvantage in progressing in life compared to English-Medium students? In TamilNadu, a student who studied in a Tamil-Medium School all his life got a place in a Engineering College. It seems that there are no Tamil-Medium Engineering College in TamilNadu at all. All are taught in English. But this boy really wanted to do engineering. So he went on to the college. The parents borrowed a lot of money for their son’s education. In the first semester the boy failed 5 of his subjects when he was actually one of the top scorer. And the reason for failing 5 subjects is that he did not understand because he did not know English well. And since everything is in English in college, he found it hard to cope. And his conclusion to this problem was to commit suicide. That boy could not achieve his dream because he did not know English language. The parents lost a son because of a language. And finally people opened their eyes and started asking, does this mean if you are a Tamil-medium student, you don’t have a future.

To start of with, many of those who go to Tamil-Medium Schools are those who cannot afford the English-Medium Schools. There are very few who actually go to Tamil-Medium Schools coz they want to study everything in Tamil. Its not the passion but the financial status that determines the medium that they are goin to study in.(At least most of them). And when it seems like there is no way up when you study in Tamil-Medium school, many would be sacred to go to Tamil-Medium.

And secondly, why does our government not doing anything to motivate and promote Tamil-Medium education. And also provide a way to progress for these students. This question was put forward by Director Ram. He directed Tamil.M.A. Why doesn’t the government give scholarship for Tamil-Medium students? And why arent are there Tamil-Medium Engineering colleges ? These questions are not by me. These were asked in the show.

Personally I feel that even though they may say that Tamil language is ‘semmolzhi’. And have gained more recognisation…blah blah blah…Its all talk only. The true recognisation comes, when Tamils want to study Tamil language for the language. For the passion that they have. And still progress in life. So much importance is given to courses like engineering, law and doctor that many view taking art subjects esp in Tamil as a waste. They feel that there is no future in them. Who created such a situation? Why is so many importance given to other courses that Tamil language is no longer wanted? And why aren’t these courses are not offered in Tamil? There are many questions. Truthfully, this is the first time that I do not feel anger or irritation because of what is happening to Tamil language and those who study in Tamil-Language. Truthfully I don’t see a way out of the situation now? We can talk all we want. but touch the heart and say, can you really see a future where there would be a positive change? People would still give importance to courses like engineering, law and doctoring. Students who study in Tamil-Medium would still be struggling to make a bright future for themselves. And the Tamil patriots would still be fuming over the unfairness of all these. And the rest of them will shake their head and say its very sad BUT what can we do about it?

The survival of the fittest. I guess its true after all. The movie Tamil M.A. shows very clearly what is happening in TamilNadu very clearly. A student who does very well in Tamil-Medium School and esp in Tamil Language and the a average student who does computer engineering. The one who did computer engineering is well off. while the one who does Tamil Language cant get a proper job. Gets looked down by everyone. That is what is happening. What is the use of saying Tamil Language is oldest language…blah blah blah when you cant even encourage students who want to take Tamil Language. They are the future of the language. A language can only be read in history books 50 years down the road if no one is going to talk or write the langauge.

I have to point out something. In this programme, a viewer from Sri Lanka and he is a student. He said that in TamilNadu people look at you weirdly when you don’t talk with a mixture of English. But in Sri Lanka people look at you weirdly when you talk with a mixture of English and Tamil. Now that should have felt like a slap to us if we have any feeling at all.


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