Manchester United



If you are thinking that I am going to make a passionate post on Man U..You are wrong.. Firstly I know nothing about football. And secondly I am not a fan of the game..But something got my interest about this team which has touched my heart and maybe have inspired me…

In the movie, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal there will be a scene where Man U’s football stadium which is by the way called The Theatre of Dreams(of course e name isnot ere without a reason) is shown. And e history of Man U team is told by the coach. The Stadium itself will make you dumbstuck. Its that magnificant. The history of Man U. I am one of the many(I believe) who think that sports is being played for the money nowadays. Its very rare to see a team or a player to play for the game. And truthfully I believed football to be one of the game(it may be a groundless belief). It is one reason why I never showed a interest in that game. But when I saw e history of Man U in the movie. About the Munich Air Disaster. It just made my inexistent respect for Man U to shoot up. For a team to succeed and from such a disaster needs players and supporters of great motivation and confidence. And i have to say Man U must have had it(lots of it) in order for it to be such a good team now. There are many things to be a source of motivation and it could be a football team too…


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