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You know there are days which could be the gloomiest but still they wont dampen your spirits.

There will be sunshine in your soul.

You will feel happy regardless of what happens.

A incident which would normally irritate you, but on this day you wont feel that irritation. Instead, it would bring a smile to your lips.

Such a day it was yesterday.(thursday)

I really hope everyday would be like that.

Well it should be.

on a different note, I am going to Tekka on Monday.

I know I know…I can hear some asking what is the big deal with that.

It is the first trip I am going to Tekka as a learning journey with my students.

I am quite excited…haha..

I have been teaching art to primary 1 kids this year. I terribly need suggestions. Its only the 2nd week and I am quite running out of ideas…Any proper suggestions are welcomed. Something that would keep them engaged and let them enjoy.

I wanted to talk about this some time back, but i kept forgetting to. Something a fren said one or 2 week back. Dont keep saying I will do it tml and tml. then e tml will never come. Do it now. And I have to say finally I talked to my pri sch tamil teacher and decided to meet her soon. I have been wanting to do that for last two years. And I only got around to it now. His words just made me realise pushed me into action..haha..

And before I end, I wanna leave a msg for my dear dear old old fren. She knows who she is. Remember, there are no times when I felt that I couldnt tell you anything. Even though I know you would scold me..But then at times the temptation to irritate u is just too much..haha..Love you lots, akka… 😉

“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”

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