Taare Zameen Par



Every child is unique. That is the baseline of this movie. Showing that every child is different. Let it be in talent wise or intelligence wise. It is not a new message that was said in this movie, but it was said beautifully. I don’t want to say much as only tears fill my eyes whenever I think of this movie. It is one of the best movie you could see. And i have to say I made e rite choice of ending my 2007 with this movie. And if I can become half as good as the teacher that Amir Khan portrayed in this movie, I would be very happy. If one day, I have a student who will look at me with gratitude for making a difference in his or her life, that day i will reach the satisfication of being a teacher.

The movie’s opening is great. The theme is about a child. And the opening was done in a way that just portrayed a child’s childhood. The boy who played the character Ishaan just brought tears to my eyes. He just touched my heart so much. And the pain that I saw in him when e parents left him in the boarding school and the way his spirit was broken by the teachers. It just broke my heart.

But the one thing i felt was a little out was the introduction of Amir Khan. A song was used to introduce him. And I felt that it was a too common way. But the movie overshadowed this small factor. Amir Khan as a teacher played very well. He felt for the children. He did what was the best for the kid even if he had to go the extra mile. He inspired me.

Basically I love the movie. You want a movie worth your money and time, watch Taare Zameen Par!!!


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