Many Many and Many..


All the orkut users know that there are many communities in orkut, correct.

There are communities for Kamalhassan and many of his movies.

After seeing them, I feel like that I should a post on KamalHassan, whom in my opinion is a very gd actor with v gd imagination. And maybe even considered the king in the Cinema field.

My all time favourite of Kamal’s is mundram pirai. The movie he acted with Sri Devi. Firstly they have great chemistry. They look good together and compliment each other’s character very well. There has not been a single instance when i didnt cry seeing the ending. For that matter I dont even need to see the scene..Imagining the scene is good enough to make me cry. He damn good, I have no words.

And my another favourite would be devar magan. The main reason for liking this movie is coz of the 2 great stars in one movie. When I saw sivaji and kamal together in this movie, I felt as i was seeing two huge mountains together.. And esp the part wen kamal changes his appearance to look like sivaji’s after sivaji passes away. That is the best part of the movie and my favourite.

The next movie that I would always remember is anbe sivam. A simple msg in a very unique way. The way the movie ended. The way kamal carried himself through out the movie. The msg is a deep one but informed in a very simple way. This movie touched my heart greatly. And it should have for many others. But sadly it didnt. I also liked the communism painting shown in the movie. I feel that its something different from all other movies. Not many dare to bring out a communism theme in a movie. I know there was communism theme in boyz and thambi. Bt that scenes didnt make me think or get amazed like in anbe sivam.

Another movie that made me think was Hey Ram. I know it was a very controversial movie. And when the ending came, I realised that Kamal himself didnt want to take a different view. Maybe he didnt have a different view or maybe he didnt want to offend more ppl den he already have..Even though it was violent at some points in the movie, he still did a gd job of showin the same msg in a different view..

of course there are many more movies which i like of kamal’s. actually I would say i like almost all movies of Kamal’s. But these, I will never forget. They are different and thought provoking and amazing.


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