this very small and cute girl is Nivashini. I know her for about 2 and half years. I still remember how I met her. In NTU LT2A..while we were having computer engineering lecture. Someone came and set beside me..and the person kept leaving the seat and running up and down at least two times. I was thinking who is this nutcase who is running during the lecture. When the lecture ended, I turned and i saw this small and cute girl. That is the first day we talked. I think it was the 2nd week after sch started. We both suffered through computer engineering for one whole year. And she decided that was it and changed course. And now she left for India to study today. I have never seen someone like her.seriously. she is so naive and innocent. And that is the whole sweetest thing about her…And like shanthi says she is a very gd observant too..who sees but dont say out aloud..i rarely have seen her get angry or irritated..and I dont know I am just sad that she have left to India even though its for a gd cause. MISS YOU LOTS, NIVA!!!


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