Ugly Betty and so on…


You know why I like Ugly Betty so much. They don’t have happily ever after ending. Instead they show the reality and the sweetness that exists in even such situations that may not look very positive.


I was watching The King and I musical on Arts Central. Oh, I am a fan of musicals!! I know that doesn’t sound like me. Now back to The King and I.. I love the musical. Esp. the King, he was so childish. Made me smile a lot.


I received feedback that I criticize too much. Maybe I do. What to do, I am not pleased easily. I have promised myself to keep a tight rein on my criticism of others.


So that’s about all when talking about my life…


About Illakiyaa

அவ்வப்போது ஏற்படும் எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்கல்களாக தோன்றும் இடம் இது.

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  1. Hi Ila,

    Cool, Come back…Nice build… Keep the good work going… I am stuck with my work 😥 so not able to blog much…

  2. hey sara..
    nice to hear from you..
    haha i thght so..its ok ppl do get stuck wit things once in while..hope to see u back like b4 after ur work burden lessens..:)

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