Sivaji The Boss



The long waited movie was released on Thursday.

Sivaji The Boss, the movie that everyone was waiting so anxiously and ……

I only got to it today, so my review may be a little out of date..

This movie has all the BIG names. SHANKAR as director, A.R.Rahman as the music director and RAJINIKANTH as the actor. and A.V.M released this movie. All the BIG names made people’s expectations high for this movie. And so far I havent seen anyone saying he or she didnt like this movie. After all it is thalaivar movie rite.

The story line was somehow a typical Rajinikanth type with a few twists and turns here and there in the movie to make it interesting.So i have nothing much to say there. The little I have to say abt it, I will come back to it later.

The settings were grand. Its Shankar, so I would not have expected anything less. I liked the colours he used. I believe it was used as an source of attraction for the viewers. And they made the movie come alive. Yes that was the word I was looking for. And I also liked the fact that Shankar made the scenes in the same themes as the songs. I dont know whether he did it for the other movies. But I noticed only in Sivaji. The jungle theme, butterflies and birds in the sahana song was great. The same applied for all the other songs. All were grand and beautiful. The costumes, the props..everything.ok maybe I have something to say about the costumes. I always thought when they choose a costume, they will see whether it will suit the hero or heroine. I have nothing to complain about the heroine’s costumes other then maybe they could have used more cloth. But for Rajini, NOT ALL wigs suited. Some of them just looked ridiculus. and the other JOKE was the oru kudai sunlight song(the rap). The song is nice to hear but to see it on screen was painful to the eyes. I think they made a fool out of Rajini in that song. He for one cannot carry out the style required for that song.

Shreya: She is beautiful(even though I dont like her). She is sexy. And she looked great in all the costumes. And there stops her role in the movie. I dont even know why Shankar bothered to make her the heroine when she cant act for nuts.

Livingston: I loved his part in the movie even if it was for little while. I remembered him more then Shreya when I left the theatre. He didnt do it too much or too little. Just right amount of comedy to retain himself in the viewers hearts.

Vivek: This is another character I loved in this movie. I wont say his comedy was great. But i did laugh at more then half of his jokes. But I think he did a great job with his facial expressions. I feel that he put himself more into acting in this movie then all his other movies. He didnt overdo his comedy like in some of his other movies. He had the right amount emotions on his face. He was great.

Suman: The villain, he seriously rocked. What I liked about this character is his calmness. And this guy pulled it of quite well.

Rajinikanth: What can I say about the Superstar. He pulled of the style and the acting. Even though I believe that this wasnt one of his best acting on screen. I can name movies where he have done better job. He carried himself well in all the modern clothes. The styles that are his usual. What I didnt like was his make-up. It was terrible. I am sure with spending much money on this movie, they could have done a better job doing a proper make up. It made his face look fake.

Shankar: I have to say that I lost him somewhere in this movie. I can see him in the songs. How they were created. But when I leave the theatre I do not see Shankar in my mind. He was overshadowed by Rajinikanth. Personally I would have liked for Shankar to make his point across to the viewers. In all his other movies, he made the heros act to how he wanted them to act. SO in the end he was brought out in the movie. But in this movie, I felt that he changed himself to suit Rajini and not the other way round. In my opinion, it is a sad case.

A.R.Rahman: If I do not see his name in the poster, I wont know he was the music director. The songs are nice to hear. The oru kudai sunlight was exceptional. The others kind of get disappeared after awhile. I donnoe whether to say he wasnt good enough compared to his previous works or am I just missing it. But in my opinion, I didnt feel AR.Rahman in the songs.

Some random thoughts about this movie:

1. “Kanal” Kannan: What the hell have he done to himself? He looks like a clown. He put on weight and his dressing was a disaster. I dont know how this get up is relevant to the scene. I had respect for him but now I think its kind of slipping.

2.I see a mixture of a couple of movies in Sivaji. I see Muthu, Matrix and Muthalvan in this movie. Maybe there are many others and I could have missed them.

3.I like the coincidence of using the one rupee given by the villain as a stepping stone.

4.I also like the ending. The message from it. But obviously I would not state the ending.

5.I also liked the way Shreya wore the saries. The way they pinned them up at the shoulder. At the same time, I was also irritated with the way they tied the half saries. They would have dropped any moment.

6.I found the way Shreya took of her red half sari to stop the train unbelievable.

7. I find the dialouge that says that begging is our national trade very insulting. I know India has a lot of faults but giving the others a chance to insult our country is not considered loyalty. I do not want to go into detail here but yes this movie is used by many as a source to insult India.

8. There have been references of Kamalhassan in this movie. Here is this article about why the references were made.

9.And lastly I thought catching bullets between 2 fingers stopped with our captain. But i believe that there are such incidents in this movie too. How Rajini manage to push a dozen guys with just his two hands. And the funny part was that quite a number of the guys where double Rajini’s sizes. Even if it is a movie, It shouldnt be so unbelievable.

So thats about all I have to say about the movie Sivaji the Boss. I may have missed out things or I may have said a little too much. I tried my best to be neutral and give my comments.


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  2. i said i will try to be neutral..but still i noe i wasnt to a large extend…and of course i was talking about the people i noe when i said i haven seen anyone who doesnt like the mmovie cozz all of them liked it..maybe ere are ppl who don like it..anyways wat is the meanin of turkey of the year?? is a positive or negative comment??

  3. da, i watched sivaji. wasnt awsome.. was alrite.. but $15.. hm…. i felt its a typical rajini movie. jus tt ther was more scope for comedy. n bout shriya, awww! she cannot act! more like over actin cos shes tryin too much or smt… shes jus for the whole glamour comment i thk. ha! gosh!… was a lit disappointed though… i expected more cos of all the media exposure n stuff..

  4. EXACTLY…at least i have one person who thinks like me..its a pass time movie..ya true the media made us expect too much..

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