Songs that still live in our hearts..(con part 2)


this is a continuation from the previous 2 posts…

I have to say that among all the songs i have put in the previous 2 posts, my personal favourite is மூன்றாம் பிறை, கண்ணே கலைமானே. The movie is my fav movie and the song is my fav song. One reason could be coz its kamal’s movie.

Anyways a few years back there was a show in Oli 96.8FM that analysed the lyrics of songs. One day, they analysed this song. This is the last song that Kannadasan wrote. Many say that he knew he was going to pass away, thats why he said that he would not be writing anymore songs.

This song is like a farewell to Tamil Language. The deejay said that the poet is trying to convey how much he is goin to miss the Tamil language. Many would think that the words in this song is for a lover sung by a lover. This song is written by Kannadasan who is a lover of Tamil and is trying to convery his love for it through this song..


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